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The twisted mind of the *true* Novelist...

is never *truly* satisfied.

World's Greatest Novelist Shigure
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Hello. My name is Shigure Sohma. I'm 27 years old and *SINGLE*~
(That is, of course, unless this is Ayaa reading this~) ^_~

I'm strikingly good looking, and I've got a great personality. I'm very meticulous, and I get things done on time all the time. Right, Mii-chan? ^^

I'm a novelist, and I'm sure you've heard of me. ^^

Ah. Meet my editor, Mii:

She's really something else, isn't she? ^^ hm~. <3

Ah... She's such a good sport. Hm. ^^

Oh! If you wish to see her personal journal, why don't I give you the link? Just click this link, and you can read all of her most private of thoughts. ^^ Aren't I thoughtfull? ^^


I'm also a member of the infamous Mubadachi Trio! That's right. I'm the one and only Shigure Sohma. Say hello to Hatori and Ayaa while you're at it. ^^

Hatori: hatorisan777 AND Ayaa: hebi_love ^^

You little perv! You *like* reading all these people's private thoughts! XD! Shame on you!!

Oh, Ayaa~ Come quick. I think I may BURST from Lust for you if I don't see you soon!!! ::sigh:: ~~~~

Aren't I sexy? ^^


Fruits Basket RPG: Furuba Island

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